Training and Presentations
Articles, guest posts, audio recordings, webinars, presentations

Trainer and Speaker

Sharing my expertise comes naturally to me. I have extensive experience speaking at conferences, with a range of training topics for translators, all related to my subject expertise, to technical writing, or how to thrive as a freelance translator. I am available for coaching on aspects of practicing as a freelance translator, especially those related to specialization, the area where I made my reputation.


Karen’s clear writing style has been sought and published in many places.


Clear visual aids, a nice accent and a pleasant presentation style make Karen popular for webinars.

Guest posts

Karen provides entertaining or useful guest posts on topics of interest to popular blogs.


A lively manner and consistent subject-matter knowledge make Karen popular for presentations.


From Soap to Drugs and Back, via QA and SOPs

What Would I Learn if I Spent a Day in a Chemistry Laboratory?

ATA Conferences 2009, 2013, ATA Science and Technology Seminar 2010, Tradulinguas Technical Translation Conference, 2010, ITI Conference 2013


Terminology for French<> English Cosmetics Translation

Looking Good: The Art of Translating for the Cosmetic Industry

Translating for the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry

ATA Conference 2007, 2008, 2013, ATA Chronicle 2008, ITI Bulletin 2009, eCPD Webinar 2012

Technical writing

Technical Writing for Into English Translators

ITI Conference 2011, NCTA Workshop 2011, ATA Conference 2011, ATA Webinar 2014, ProZ training sessions 2014

Stylish Technical Writing: Make Yourself Stand Out

ATA Conference 2014


How to Make Translators Rave about your Company

ATA TCD Conference 2011; ATA Conference 2011, ATA Webinar 2013, eCPD Webinar 2013


Problems, Solutions and Precipitates: Problem Areas in Translating for the Pharmaceutical Industry

ATA Conference 2013, ATA webinar 2014

Getting established

Establishing a Freelance Translation Practice

NITA 2008, 2009, 2011, NCTA 2010

Work-Life Balance

Finding work-life balance is a challenge for freelancers. Karen has achieved a measure of this and often gives the benefits of her successes and failures to other freelancers.

ITI ScotNet Newsletter 2013, Speaking of Translation Podcast 2013, ATA Chronicle 2014

Leadership and Team-Building

Karen leads training on effective leadership, team-building and motivating volunteers.

ATA Conference 2012, 2013, 2014