In “A Lucrative Sideline: Editing Non-Native English Scientific Writing (Part 1)” Tkaczyk opens a new webinar series through the Alexandria Library.

“The manuscript is poorly written and has too many grammatical and syntax errors. The results are very interesting from a practical standpoint but the paper needs a thorough revision to make it suitable for publication in The Journal of Astounding Scientific Developments”. Enter the native English-speaking editor. The measure of success is that the text is accepted after I have worked on it. Even better, the author sends me subsequent manuscripts before submission to avoid the painful step of receiving criticism. I become a trusted partner. This session will describe how to find this type of client, how to price this work, how to justify changes and handle the authors’ egos as you return the revised texts, and what sets this work apart from translation or from editing texts written by native speakers.

This webinar will be followed by Part 2 on June 17, but both portions stand alone if you prefer one over the other.