Who I Am

I am a British/US dual citizen, married to a French/US dual citizen. I grew up in the UK, mainly in Scotland, and now live in the Denver, Colorado area. I work as a highly-specialized French into English freelance technical translator. My formal education gave me both chemistry and language qualifications:

  • MChem in Chemistry with French (University of Manchester, UK, 1994)
  • Diploma in French (University of Cambridge, UK, 1997)
  • PhD in Organic Chemistry (University of Cambridge, UK, 1998)

I worked in the pharmaceutical industry in France (research chemist, lab to pilot scale) as a one-year work placement that was part of my first degree. After my PhD I moved to Ireland to work in the pharmaceutical industry there (development chemist, lab to pilot to manufacturing validation batches). In 1999 I relocated to the USA. I worked as QA Manager in a small topical medical devices and cosmetics manufacturer until 2001.

What I Do

I am a technical translator and editor with solid credentials. My core service is translating French documents into English. I also provide typical editing and proofreading services. Most of the texts I work on are related to chemistry, its industrial applications and their intellectual property.

I translate into my client’s preferred English dialect, and have extensive experience with both UK English and US English. I can help you determine the best choice if you are uncertain which your audience will prefer.

Many people outside the industry are unaware that professional translators translate only into their native languages. Should you need a translation into another language pair or subject, I am always happy to refer a trusted colleague who can help you.

Do you have a specific need or want more information?

Email me with your files and describe the purpose of the work.