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In November 2020 Karen Tkaczyk joins seven other highly respected translators and interpreters in the BP20 Workshop Week. Her workshop is as follows: Proofreading: Every Translator's Dream? Translators proofread every day. This workshop is for translators who don’t...

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Translating Chemistry Across Borders

inChemistry is the information hub for undergraduate student members of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Published by the Education Division of ACS, the magazine covers a range of topics that include experiences unique to students in the chemical sciences, graduate school, navigating the job market, professional skills development, innovative scientific advances, ACS student chapter activities, getting the most out of college, and using ACS as a resource.

From the article:

“What do you do with an undergraduate minor in French and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry?
If you’re Karen Tkaczyk, you start a translation business that focuses on translating chemistry and related science and technology content from French into English.”

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CTA welcomes Karen Tkaczyk to Colorado

The Colorado Translators Association has been around for more than 30 years. Since then, it has grown from a loose grouping of local professionals to a well-organized consortium of translators and interpreters. At the start of the year 2013, CTA membership totaled 167 members.

From the article:
I gave this interview when I first moved to Colorado and joined the CTA.

Thaïs Lips: Karen, we are delighted to have you as a CTA member, and I am particularly glad to have you practically as a neighbor. What made you and your family move from Nevada to Denver?
Karen Tkaczyk: […] My husband and I are both self-employed, so we had the freedom to live anywhere. Earlier this year, we reached a tipping point where we felt that moving would be the right thing to do. We were looking for good schools, a dry climate and proximity to a major international airport. […]”

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I write posts and articles for other publications

A Lucrative Sideline: Editing for Non-native Speakers

Thoughts on Translation has been an online gathering place for freelance translators since February, 2008. Over 800 posts later, Corinne McKay, French to English translator based in Boulder, Colorado, is happy that Thoughts on Translation has continued to be a valuable resource for the translation industry, winning the community choice award for best translation blog in 2016, the best translation blog post award in 2013, and receiving over 20,000 views a month.

From the article:

“Editing texts written in English for publication by scientists who have another language as their mother tongue is a relatively common sideline for freelance translators. The measure of success is the article being published after we have worked on it. Even better, the author sends subsequent manuscripts before submission to avoid the painful step of criticism or rejection. We become a trusted partner.”

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Stylish Technical Writing: Worth Adding to Your Repertoire

The ATA Chronicle is the official publication of the American Translators Association. Each issue of the magazine offers resources and practical solutions to challenges facing translators and interpreters.

From the article:

Superb writing skills are not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about a technical translator’s skill set. We usually focus on subject-matter expertise or terminology research methods. Although those are crucial, good technical writing is a third skill that makes a substantial difference to translation quality.

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Getting started as a Freelancer: one person’s story.

Serving the world’s largest community of translators, delivers a comprehensive network of essential services, resources and experiences that enhance the lives of its members.

From the article:

The very first thing I did when I had the idea that translation might be a good fit for me was Google “translation”. Little did I know what a friend Google was to become as I began to work…

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I also speak to business groups on how translation and localization work.

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